Are You Wearing Your Mask In The Right Way?

  Are You Wearing Your Mask In The Right Way? Coronavirus is all over the world. It has bought tremendous loss to the mankind. Coronavirus is one of the deadly infectious diseases which can be spread through direct contact and through unhygienic surroundings. In order to avoid the spread of this virus, certain precautions can be taken such as washing your hands regularly and by wearing a mask. How to identify a proper mask? Wear your mask and hold a candle in front of your mouth and blow it. If the light goes off easily it means that the mask is not filtering any air particles or microbes , then you need to realize that those kinds of masks are not safe. Try this method with different masks. If the flame doesn’t go off, then those kinds of masks are perfect to use. Precautions to be taken while wearing a mask: 1. Use a proper mask 2. Never remove your mask when you are in public or while talking to others. 3. Never share your mask with family or friends. 4. Do not reuse y

Do you know COVID-19 may also affect the central nervous system?

Do you know COVID-19 may also affect the central nervous system? COVID-19 is belongs to large family of viral and infectious diseases with the symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, fever, joint pains. The symptoms of COVID-19 related to neurological include dizziness, headache, loss of weight and loss the control of muscle. Once the virus is entered into central nervous system, they tend to release the proteins called cytokines. This causes the swelling in the central nervous system and affects the blood-brain barrier. Corona virus can enter by the central nervous system through a porous bone in the nasal cavity. In this we may loss smell or taste as we usually experienced in COVID-19. If the patient knows that he was affected with COVID-19 they may get panic. It may cause large degree of psychological distress to that patient. Some studies state that few of the symptoms of the psychological distress are depressed mood and anxiety these are also the symptoms for central nervous